Ear surgery constitutes a subset of procedures which are performed on patients of all ages

Ear surgery constitutes a subset of procedures which are performed on patients of all ages

Ear surgery, or “otoplasty” as it is professionally known, is a procedure in which Dr. Mascaró corrects large or protruding ears. If the ears are misshapen or do not match, they can be reshaped during this surgery. 

The Benefits

  • Reduce the size of large ears
  • Correct ears that stick out and make ears more symmetrical
  • Reshape ears
  • Restore elongated or sagging earlobes
  • Repair torn earlobes and restore a natural appearance

The Procedure

This procedure is often performed on children in order to spare the mental anguish that can occur during the formative school years.

Generally, the procedure is safe for children once they reach the age of five, a time at which the ears have reached full size. That being said, this procedure is often performed on adults as well. 

As we age, one part of our face that we often do not realize changing are our earlobes. The earlobes can elongate and sag from both the natural effects of aging sin as well as the pull of earrings over time. Dr. Mascaró performs earlobe reduction to correct this issue and restore the earlobes to a normal size.  Sometimes, the earlobes can tear secondary to over-stretching from earrings - in this case, a specialized earlobe repair surgery can be done.

Our Philosophy

Ear surgery is highly customized for each patient. Dr. Mascaró will listen to your desired aims and will have an open discussion during which he will evaluate your anatomy, letting you know what is realistic for you or your child.

In the case of protruding ears, a procedure called “ear pinning” is usually performed. When addressing the earlobes, excess tissue is removed, including a reduction of earring holes.  If necessary the tissue is then sutured in the new size and shape.

Ear surgery can easily be performed using a local anesthetic or sedation, but if performed during a facelift, the earlobe reduction will be done as part of that procedure.  The goal is to recreate an earlobe that is natural in appearance and able to support earrings after the healing process.