South Florida’s Facial Plastic and Hair Restoration specialist, Dr. Miguel Mascaró attends to all of the concerns of his patients individually.  As Dr. Mascaró explains, Facial Plastic Surgery requires creativity and imagination, with a flair for resourcefulness.  In no other field form and function intertwine as much.  Therefore, a creative eye and a passion for perfection are necessary.  These qualities set Dr. Mascaró apart.   Dr. Mascaró’s love of artful detail and genuine desire to help his patients look and feel their best is what led him to do what he does each and every day.  

Guiding his success is a rare level of compassion and personal purpose, which he interjects into every procedure he does and every patient he sees. His inherent love of artful detail and genuine desire to help patients look and feel their very best are what led Dr. Mascaró to the field of facial aesthetics.  As he puts it "I pride myself on delivering exceptional results to each and every one of my patients. My rewards come from getting to know my patients on a personal level in order to understand and meet their unique needs.”